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My name is Ivar Nielsen.

Looking back on my life, I always had the feelings and interests for Ancient Cultures and their way of living. This is really not surprising, because I was born close to an ancient cultural place of Sun Worshipping near Roenne on the island of Bornholm in the Baltic Sea, Denmark.

 I am now living close to the biggest Stone Age/Bronze Age Rock Carving field in Denmark, located at Madsebakke near Allinge, on the northern part of the Baltic Sea island of Bornholm.

The contents on this website are mostly based on some spiritual dreams and visions from a period of years beginning from 1974. The Visions went both backwards and forwards in time, and it was very difficult for me to understand the meaning in the beginning because nobody had told me that it was possible to have spiritual so called out of the body experiences. And, besides this, these dreams and visions was both sweet and so strong at the same time, that I felt my soul was on the brink of life and death.

- After a long period of time (12 years in fact) , I realized that my dreams and visions was very mythological and that I have had some experiences from a very basic origin. Many inspirations came to me and I saw more and more the Ancient Way of spiritual education and the Ancient Way of explaining the Story of Creation. (My initial  Vision was of a Bronze Age Rock Carving Ship taking me mentally back some 4.500 years)

Having had those inspirations, I became more and more aware and interested in the Native Way of thinking. My ordinary religious and cultural background fainted and looked more and more as a "thin cup of tea" compared to my inspirations. 

The inspirations have opened my mind in a intuitive, critical and natural way of understanding the different parts of life, included the modern scientific way of thinking. I can see many examples from the old mythological way of explaining the Story of Creation and I am trying to compare the old stories with the modern scientific discoveries from Astronomy and Cosmology.

It is my believe that Native People all over the World have had the same original basic visions for their worship. Ideas, symbols, pictures, sculptures and stories are much the same all over the World because they are our common knowledge and our primary World Wide Web.


The Star Constellation of Orion

- How is it that we can find many global similarities in pictures, symbols and mythological telling? It is NOT because of migration in the first place! It is because all human beings live on the same Planet under the same Sky in the same Galaxy.

For instance, the Star constellation of Orion can be seasonally observed all over the World and Orion is pictured in many cultures as a God. Look at the picture above where all of the Earth populations, via the Earth rotation, can observe a common Star Constellation. It is from the heavenly figures and celestial movement you can find the reasons to our common story of Ideas, of religion, of common pictures and of our common mythological storytelling's.

It is my conscious purpose to describe the mythological content in such a way, that it should be possible for the more modern scientific thinking peoples to see the comparisons between the Ancient Way of Knowledge and the experience of the Modern Science as Astronomy, Astrophysics and Cosmology.

It is my hope and my wish that you will find this website exiting and that it will rise some new aspects in the view of the old stories of myths and creation.

Feel welcome to give a private response or asking into the contents. Find my email here at http://www.native-science.net/Contact.Links.htm