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Examples of Rock Art Star Constellations.

Carved Cup Marks on the rocks or stones are generally interpreted as holes in which our ancestors offered all kind of things in order to behave their Gods and Goddess. However there are some real and concrete explanations to the cup marks.

Cupmarks are showed on the rocks as single, in groups, in circles and in lines. Below on the pictures the cupmarks are showed in groups as star constellations of the most common and known constellations on the celestial ceiling.

Generally the cupmarks are painted in white colour because the symbolize mostly the light of the stars.

The first picture above from the island Bornholm, Almegaard in Denmark, show the star constellation of Cassiopeia compared with the star map on picture 2. Picture 3 from Denmark, Bornholm, Allinge, Madseloekkebakke, are showing the Hyades with the giant red star Aldabaran in Taurus compared to the star map on picture 4.

Picture 1 is from Sweden, Bohuslen, Litsleby, shows with red lines the star constellation of the Big Bear or the Big Dipper compared to the star map on picture 2 and rock carvings on a stone from Denmark, Ketting Church on picture 3.


Picture 1 from Sweden, Bohuslen, Litsleby, show in the red square the star constellation of Orion. Picture 2 shows a so called frottage or rubbed charcoal picture directly from the rock. Picture 3 shows the star map constellation of Orion.

Here are 2 more rock carving pictures of the Orion constellation. The first are from Sweden, Bohuslen, Torsbo, compared with the star map in the middle and the second are from Sweden, Finntorp, where the author of the white painting of the cupmarks have forgotten to mark and paint the cup mark showing the star Rigel beside the yellow arrow.

And yet another picture of Orion from Madsebakke, Allinge, Bornholm, here animated and compared with a Star Atlas picture of Orion. 2 of the yellow cupmarks are crumbled and not marked.

Picture 1 from Denmark, Udsholt near Aalborg show a group of carvings. The black marked carvings shows Little Bear or the Little Dipper. The circle with the 4 spokes marks the circumpolar centre on the night sky.

The Circle is often generally interpreted as a Sun wheel which is a reasonably interpretation. But the symbol also can describe a marking of the celestial polar centre.

The picture above from Venslev, Denmark, shows some Star Constellations.


The celestial polar centre on the night heaven could very well also have been showed with concentric circles with Cup Marks and rings showing the apparently revolving heaven around a centre. Or for that matter with the same figures on a bronze age shield.

The shown pictures are just some few clear examples of Cup Marks showing something which have to do with the star constellations and the night sky.

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